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Divetech Marine Engineering Services recognizes that priority should be given to the health of all the personnel concerned, safety and environmental protection in carrying out diving thus establishing a "Company Policy" intended to ensure "Safety and Environmental Protection"

Inorder to completely live upto the “company policy” the company will observe all the existing laws and regulations, and make and carry out a “safety management system” that conforms with the international safety rules & guidance.

Our safety strategy is based upon the prevention of quality deficiencies and continual improvement of services which is implemented together with quality and environmental protection policy.

The safety procedures shall be guided by the following factors which will form a rectangular closed loop. Breakage of any segment in the loop will result in immediate stop to work and work shall resume only after restoration of the loop and conducting of an on-the spot tool box meeting.

  • Permit to work (PTW):
    Whatever is being executed should have a permit and this shall be duly authorized at adequate level, whether the activity takes place in our own premises or at site. The permit to work shall be accompanied with appropriate Task Risk Assessment(TRA) and method statements.
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA):
    Every independent activity shall have specific JSA statements. There shall be project specific safety analysis for all these independent activities and will be available with the execution team. These JSA will take into consideration safety of men, material and environment in the surrounding area of execution work.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
    Based on the job Safety Analysis and associated Risk Assessment (refer to the succeeding lines), the PPEs will be decided.
  • Housekeeping:
    It shall be the responsibility of the project to adhere to standard, accepted and project specific housekeeping practices at all time.

In addition to the above, it shall be the absolute responsibility of the execution team to ensure the following:

Risk Assessment:
Carry out a risk assessment prior to formulating JSA and PTW. The risk assessment shall contain all the risks humanly conceivable in executing an activity and hence, shall be elaborate. Carry out a risk assessment prior to formulating JSA and PTW. The risk assessment shall contain all the risks humanly conceivable in executing an activity and hence, shall be elaborate.

Toolbox Meeting:
Every project team shall conduct daily and emergency toolbox meeting to brief all the individuals involved in the project. The attendance of toolbox meeting shall be recorded in the prescribed format.

Safety Induction:
Every person newly joining the project team shall be properly inducted imparting training on the safety aspects of the particular project. The safety induction shall include training on first aid of common ailments, injuries burns etc.

First Aid Kit:
Every site where an activity takes place shall be provided with adequate first aid kits.

Safety Team:
Considering the extent of the risks involved and magnitude of the project, as far as possible, and exclusive Safety Team shall be positioned in every project including for in-house activities. The team shall be responsible for understanding and interpreting the safety requirements of the site.

Every activity shall have a single individual delegated with adequate authority and vested with power and ownership to ensure that the safety norms are meticulously followed.

The safety records are archived for future reference, giving emphasis to near misses. The near miss reports shall consist of the Incident Report, Possible Reasons, Remedies and Action Taken Reports so that lessons learnt can be easily traceable. Incidents, in any case, shall be recorded separately indicating the damages sustained apart from those factors mentioned in Near Miss Report.